GCSU General Manager – Kirk Wiseman

The General Manager is responsible for financial and day-to-day operations of the GCSU, including the operations of GCSU services such as the GCSU Backlot and GCSU Food Court.






GCSU Business Manager – Josephine Belbin

The Business Manager is responsible for GCSU accounts payable and receivable and the GCSU Health and Dental Plans.  The Business Manager also assists students with a variety GCSU services on a regular basis such as student parking permits, International Identity Cards (ISIC), and student lottery permits.






GCSU Events and Liquor Services Coordinator – Valerie Simms-Anderson

Welcome, students! My name is Valerie Simms-Anderson and I am the Events and Liquor Services Coordinator. My primary responsibilities are in managing the day-to-day operations of the GCSU Backlot, including hiring our student employees, managing the campus satellite bar service, and coordinating any events that are held in the Backlot, dining hall or student lounge. I also work closely with the Entertainment Committee to ensure that we provide quality entertainment and events throughout the academic year.

The Backlot is an important resource for the GCSU; is owned and operated by you, the students of Grenfell. It provides a social environment for students, staff and faculty alike; work experience for students; and revenue to support other GCSU initiatives. We always aim to make the Backlot a welcoming, safe student space and one that is socially responsible. Use of the Backlot is also free for Grenfell Clubs and Societies that want to host social gatherings or fundraising events.

If you would like to organize an event or have an idea for entertainment, drop by my office (AS276L) or email me anytime to discuss. All the best in your year!