International Students

International students bring cultural diversity to Grenfell and enhance the learning experience for all students. Despite this, international students have been treated differently than Canadian students.

Off-Campus Work

In spring 2006, the federal government announced changes to student visas that had been fought for by the Canadian Federation of Students. Effective immediately, international students are now eligible to work off campus. To apply for an off-campus work permit, follow the appropriate links from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website or the Grenfell Campus international students’ office.

Public Medical Coverage

Several years ago, a campaign was launched by the Canadian Federation of Students to lobby the provincial government to extend public health coverage to include international students. The Student Union has been actively involved in this campaign, which shifted focus to the Immigration Strategy. When released in 2007, the Provincial Immigration Strategy finally extended MCP coverage to international students after decades of being forced to pay for private health care insurance at a high cost.

Tuition Fees

International students at Grenfell and Memorial University pay tuition fees that are more than twice what Canadian student’s pay. The Student Union campaign for a tuition fee reduction includes a call for international student tuition fees to be reduced.