Canadian Federation of Students

The Canadian Federation of Students and the Canadian Federation of Students-Services were formed in 1981 to provide students with an effective and united voice, provincially and nationally. At the time, it was recognized that for students to be truly effective in representing their collective interests to the federal and provincial governments, it was vital to unite under one banner.

Today, over one-half million students from more than 80 university and college students’ unions across Canada belong to the Federations.

Because universities and colleges are funded primarily by the federal government and administered exclusively by the provincial government, government policies and priorities determine the quality and accessibility of post-secondary education in Canada.

Tuition fee levels, student financial assistance programs and funding for research are all set directly or indirectly by both levels of government. Thus, it is vital that students collectively organize at the provincial and national levels to ensure that student’ rights and concerns are fully represented (CFS Website:2012).

In Newfoundland and Labrador, all public post-secondary students are represented by the Canadian Federation of Students. This ensures that the government and external organizations hears from one united voice on the concerns of students from across the province no matter if they attend Memorial University or the College of the North Atlantic. Working together gets results!

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