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How to Join

One of the most exciting and interesting opportunities available to students during university is getting involved with various clubs and societies that are active on campus. Clubs and societies provide students with an opportunity to meet new people and participate in fun events.  Keep an eye out for posters and e-mails advertising the Clubs and Societies Fair held each semester!

For more information, contact the GCSU Vice President Executive.

Clubs and Societies List

Business Society

Campus Gay Straight Alliance

Christian Fellowship

Classics Society

Critter Club

Debating Society


English Society

Film Critique Society

French Society

Historical Studies Society


Parkour Society

Travel and Tourism Society

Journalist Society

Psychology Society


Social/Cultural Studies Society

Steampunk Newfoundland West

TBA Grenfell Music Club

Theatre Harlow Fundraising Society


Societies Handbook

Produced by the Office of the Vice President Executive, the Handbook outlines the process of approval for new and existing societies, as well as services offered for these organizations.

Included in the booklet is all you need to know about our Clubs and Societies By-Law as well as the Societies Declaration Form.