International Student Identity Card

International Student Identity Cards (ISIC)

As members of the Canadian Federation of Students, full-time Grenfell Campus students are eligible to receive an International Student Identity Card at no charge.

International Student Identity Cards provide great travel discounts on airfare, hotels, trains and hostels nationally and internationally. For more information on how to receive an ISIC card contact, the GCSU.

For more information on the ISIC card and the discounts it offers, visit:


Studentsaver Program

Studentsaver is Canada’s only student owned and operated national student discount program. With thousands of discounts across Canada, Studentsaver helps students save money on everyday purchases like books, clothing, food, and entertainment.  Present the Studentsaver or the International Student Identity card at participating businesses to receive the discounts. You can find your Studentsaver card in your Student Union Member Handbook.  For a complete list of discounts from coast-to-coast, visit: