Other Services

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Student Loans

If you need assistance concerning the Canada or Provincial Student Loan system, feel free to drop by the Student Union office or contact Student Services at 637-6249.

Emergency Student Loan Fund

In the fall of 1995, Grenfell Campus students voted to create an emergency fund for students in financial need. The Student Union allocated $15,000 to initiate this service which is administered by Student Services. The fund is available to students who are experiencing financial difficulty during the first few weeks of classes prior to the disbursement of government student financial assistance. If you require information about the fund, please contact Student Services at 637-6249.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your loan assessment, please contact the Student Union office for assistance.



Students may qualify for a number of scholarships. Many are awarded automatically but there are some exceptions. For more information on how you can qualify for scholarships, contact Student Services at 637-6249.

Legal Services

The Grenfell Campus Student Union has initiated a legal consultation service whereby a law firm will provide an initial, free of charge consultation to a student. We partner with a local low office which offers a full range of legal service, including administrative, criminal, contract, education, estate, family, injury, insurance, personal, residential, and tenancy advice.

If you have any questions or require information, please contact the GCSU General Manager for more information.


Each year, GCSU and Student Services organize a number of Orientation Week events for new and returning students.  Orientation Week features things such as live bands, dances, and BBQ’s.  Orientation is a great way to meet other students and become familiar with the campus!

Parking Permits

Students are able to apply parking for permits at the beginning of each semester through the Student Union. Any student interested in obtaining a parking permit must apply early in September and January. For more information, please contact Josephine Belbin, GCSU Business Manager or drop by the GCSU Offices.

Travel CUTS

Travel CUTS (Canadian University Travel Services), the largest student-owned travel company in the world, is majority owned and operated by the Canadian Federation of Students and provides student-oriented products and services to over 150,000 students each year. The travel agency offers student discounts on airfare as well as student tour packages.

It is a great place to find out about the Student Work Abroad Program (SWAP) and to book home-for-the-holidays flights. Make your travel arrangements early to get the best prices and the date you want. Travel CUTS operates a toll-free number in Newfoundland and Labrador: 1-888-558-2887

Student Union Services

The Student Union provides students with a wide variety of services including:

  • GCSU Backlot
  • Bank Machine (ATM)
  • Clubs and Societies
  • Community Volunteering
  • Dining Hall
  • Emergency Student Loan Fund
  • Faxing, Photocopying, and Printing Services
  • Fundraising for Local Charities
  • Funding and organizing Orientation Week
  • Handbook
  • Health and dental plans
  • International Student Identity Cards (ISIC)
  • Legal services
  • Liaising between students, faculty and administration
  • Orientation
  • Special Events (concerts, open mic nights, etc.)
  • Student Employment
  • Student Lounge
  • Studentsaver Discount Cards
  • Travel CUTS
  • Vending services, coin machines, and pool tables (a percentage of profits go directly to students)